Sobyanin: Moscow and Tokyo are major economic partners

TOKYO, October 22. /Corr. Igor Belyaev, Alexey Sarachev/. Moscow and Tokyo are not only cities, but also major economic partners. On Thursday before talks with his Tokyo counterpart, Yoichi Masuzoe said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

“Our cities are not only brothers, but also major economic partners,” stressed the Moscow mayor. Sobyanin also said that Moscow and Tokyo “are very similar and face the same problems.” “The past 25 years have shown that we are United by many ties in the fields of Economics, urban policy, sport and the environment, he said. – Now is the time not only to sum up our cooperation, but also to outline new plans for developing our relations”.

Masuzoe, in turn, noted that “in September of last year on the way back from Tomsk he visited Moscow, and, despite being very busy, the mayor has personally shown to the delegation from Tokyo Moscow sights”. “We are able to make sure that you are really in a very good direction changed the city,” he said. Tokyo mayor said that next year will mark 25 years of twinning between Moscow and Tokyo. “Today’s meeting with Moscow mayor I would like to use it to enhance cooperation between the two sides,” he added.

It is expected that the outcome of these negotiations, the parties will sign a Memorandum of understanding and cooperation between the governments of the two capitals.

The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin on Thursday arrived in Tokyo on a two-day business trip, during which he intends to get acquainted with the objects of urban Tokyo, in particular, with the work of the Centre of road traffic organization.