Source: the IKEA deal for the purchase of land for “Running” for the construction of the shopping center fell through

MOSCOW, October 22. The deal between IKEA and the owner of the land for construction of shopping center near metro Begovaya in Moscow, which was in the final stage, fell off. This was reported by a source familiar with the situation.

“IKEA negotiated the purchase of the land where today is located the warehouse complex JSC “Krasnaya Presnya”. Despite the fact that the deal was in the final stage, the parties failed to agree on the price,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

IKEA neither denied nor confirmed the information about the deal. “We have no such information. We are exploring options and objects on the territory of Moscow and Moscow region, but never told that choosing “Running”, – said the head of public relations and internal communications IKEA centres Russia Tatyana Rusakova

As previously reported, Swedish IKEA ready to build in Moscow is the first shopping center “Mega” in Moscow and is considering more than 100 locations, including near the metro station “Begovaya”. This was stated by the General Director of IKEA Shopping Centers Russia (to develop the shopping center “Mega” and IKEA in Russia) Armin Mikaeli.

The company decided to accelerate the pace of expansion in the Moscow region and is actively seeking new locations, due diligence (project cost estimate), reported Michaeli. Without naming specific sites, Michaeli noted that the area of metro station “Begovaya” is “an interesting location”, but “not quite simple”. According to him, the fifth “Mega” may appear in Moscow region till 2020.

Currently the company has three shopping centres in the Moscow region outside Moscow near the metro station “Teply Stan”, in Khimki and Belaya dacha, all these centers combined with the IKEA stores. In 2016 the company will start to build a shopping complex in the Moscow suburb of Mytishchi, its opening is planned for 2018. Investment in the project will amount to RUB 20 billion, including transport infrastructure.