The composite port can be created on the Kamchatka Peninsula

PETROPAVLOVSK-KAMCHATSKY, October 22. The authorities of Kamchatka filed in Minvostokrazvitiya Russia an application for extension mode composite port on the Peter and Paul port. This was reported by Deputy Chairman of the government of edge Yury Zubar, reports on Thursday a press-service of administration of region.

“The order to transfer the experience of the consolidated port of Vladivostok in other areas of the Far East was announced by the President in September of this year. The government of Kamchatskiy Krai supports the idea. By order of the Governor we are working on this and has already sent its proposals to the Ministry of the Russian Federation on development of the Far East,” said Zubar.

According to him, the economy of the region the mode of the consolidated port of great importance, as it involves the creation of special conditions to open in the region of new industries. Business development will contribute to a number of administrative, tax and customs preferences.

“The area of the consolidated port, in particular, provides reduction of tax for new companies to 5% for 5 years, a break on taxes on property and land, duty-free importation of goods. A special mode provides a simplified approach of the fleet, including fishing, fast processing of goods,” the official said.

Thus, the ability to “go” on the territory of the port should be on any entrepreneur who wants to open a certain production. Therefore, if the initiative of Kamchatka is accepted, it will be necessary to calculate the minimum level of financial support of entrepreneurs to enter the port area. For example, in Vladivostok it is 5 million rubles of private investment. This amount allows you to attract not only large but medium and small business, said Zubar.

The Federal law on the free port of Vladivostok came into force on 12 October.