The Euro fell below 70 rubles

MOSCOW, October 22. The Euro during trading on the Moscow exchange fell by 1.49 rubles to the level of 69,97 RUB.

In addition, the Euro fell sharply against the dollar on the international currency market Forex. So, the Euro fell against the dollar by 1.3% to 1,119 USD per one Euro, falling below $ 1.12 dollars per Euro.

The depreciation of the single European currency occurred on the background of statements of the ECB President Mario Draghi about possible adjustments to the programme of quantitative easing (QE) in December.

According to him, the ECB is ready to use all available tools, and the asset purchase program has sufficient flexibility and can be adjusted if necessary.

In particular, Draghi once again stated that the ECB may adjust the size, structure and timing of quantitative easing, if required. As in the meeting on 3 September, Draghi reiterated that the QE program will last until September 2016, or longer if necessary.