The founder of LinguaLeo launched the first in Russia project of online training in it business

MOSCOW, October 22. The founder of one of the largest Russian resources for learning languages the Ainur Abdulnazarov launched the first in Russia project of an online course for Russian it entrepreneurs in the framework created in March 2015 educational platform He said this on the sidelines of the forum RIW2015.

“Considering the deficit in the quality of practical training in a number of regions of Russia, we came to the conclusion about the necessity of launching an online course for it predprinimateley-based educational platform who passed the selection of the Supervisory Board of the SEZ “Innopolis” in Kazan,” he explained.

The project investments are not disclosed.

According to him, at the moment the team LeveL90 created a web version of the product and is preparing 10 of the first courses with a focus on training professionals of the it industry.

The first product “the Triple package, the it entrepreneur” includes several formats of training including “101 questions for practitioners of technology entrepreneurship”, where users can ask questions practices the it industry. Also available is the access to alpha version of online course “it-entrepreneur level 90” and the webinar course “10 lessons from the masters of it business”. In the future, the product will include the courses of forming the optimal team of a startup, business and it English, management of it products.

A number of universities of Russia is ready to cooperate closely for the release of courses for students based on the results of the training program, explained Abdulnazarov.

The project focuses not only on entrepreneurs but also Internet marketers, designers, product managers, product /project management/ PR industry professionals.

LeveL90, the company plans gradually to cover in addition it subjects five areas: basic knowledge (school curriculum); professional knowledge and entrepreneurship; social roles and relationships; health, sport, nutrition and lifestyle; culture, art, philosophy.

“In five years we plan to reach 10 million people taking at least one course on the platform LeveL90,” explained Abdulnazarov.

According to the consulting company Merku, the potential market for online education in Russia is 1.5 billion rubles, the turnover of this segment reached 400 million rubles. The potential audience of users of online-education in Russia for 2015 is 27.9 million people. On average 1 user subscribes to 2.44 rate. The potential size of online education in 2015 is 68.2 million man-courses.