The Japanese company has figured out how to “revive” children’s drawings

TOKYO, 22 Oct. Ksenia Naka. A Japanese company in the Okayama Prefecture have come up with a way to move children’s drawings, the technology she presented on opened on Thursday in Tokyo the exhibition of digital technology Digital Content EXPO.

On any image is enough to put the stamp in the form of a heart and the figure “will be released” beyond the paper sheet starts to move freely, walk and jump on any surface. A “stamp” that breathes life into the picture, actually is a device that transmits information about the image on the camera and the projector, where the processed image is transferred to the surface of the table or wall in the form of an animated cartoon film. Moreover, with the revival of the figure, for example, of an animal, the computer calculates the most organic to him the manner of walking and movements.

Another novelty of the exhibition — an electronic pacifier for baby, created by scientists at the University of Tokyo. The touchscreen device it is able to inform parents on the phone about how she feels their baby.

The exhibition will last until October 25.