The star of Back to the future Fox first tried sneakers with laces self locking

NEW YORK, October 22. /Corr. Alexey Kachalin/. Sneakers with self tightening laces from the movie “Back to the future 2” (Back to the Future II, 1989) became a reality. Their first owner was the famous American actor Michael J. Fox, who played the main role in the film Marty McFly and the script is in an imaginary 2015 went to sports footwear of the future. This was announced by a leading manufacturer of sports apparel, footwear and equipment – Nike.

“Nike delivered a gift from Michael j Fox, presented the innovation the first and most famous winner (the concept of) these shoes,” said the company.

“Nike Mag embody the normal laces that are integrated into a unique design that turned into a lifelong beacon of pop culture,” added the firm. “We started with the fact that he created something for fiction, and now made it something fact, by developing a new technology for the benefit of all athletes,” – said the President of Nike mark Parker. “When we imagine the future, we thereby generated. A product that provides you the comfort and support that feels you and adapts to you, now just around the corner from you,” added Parker.

In the film J. Fox in the role of McFly travels in time machine in the future and it turns out it is just October 21, 2015. The hero of the picture is inventions that were supposed to amaze in 1989, but did not come true in reality. This is flying skateboards /hoverboards/, adaptive to any size of jacket, same sneakers with self-locking laces or a time machine, the prototype of which was the legendary car DeLorean.

In principle, Nike does not specify exactly how self-tied laces on his sneakers. Therefore, a number of media rather reacted cautiously to the invention. When the network appeared a photo of an actor, trying on shoes, last doubts have disappeared. In 2009 the company patented a product called the Automatic Lacing System (the”Automatic laces system”), and earlier this year – power lace.

Interested parties can purchase the new product – the brainchild of a leading developer company of Tinker Hatfield – the upcoming spring. “Nike Mag sample 2015 issued in a limited edition. It will be possible to buy up at auction, all proceeds from which will go to the Foundation Michael J. Fox, the research of Parkinson’s disease. Details will be posted with service information and Nike on Twitter in the fall of 2016,” said the company.

It should be recalled that in 2011, she released other limited edition sneakers from “Back to the future”. 1.5 thousand pairs were sold at auction for $9.4 million.

Back to the future fiction adventure film directed by Robert Zemeckis, tells about a teenager Marty MacPhee, who accidentally fell from 1985 to 1955-th year. He saw his parents, who are studying in the school, and accidentally awakens to his romantic interest from his mother. Marty needs to get the parents to love each other and find a way to come back in the future. The film had such a great success that in 1989 and 1990 had been withdrawn two of its continuation.