Zakharova: Reuters VKS RF hospital in Syria – information discharge

MOSCOW, October 22. Reports by some media about the bombardment of the aerospace forces of the Russian Federation hospital in Idlib province in Syria – an information box stuffing.

This was stated at a briefing the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“There are reports regarding the alleged shelling of the Russian VC field hospital in Idlib province in Northwest Syria, which killed, according to these media reports, 13 people,” – said the diplomat.

“The ingenuity of the media, of course, delights, – the diplomat noted. – Notice that the stuffing is carried out with reference to “Syrian Observatory for human rights” based in London. As we understand, from London “very easy” to illuminate what is happening in Syria, before visiting the place and not being able to collect information in the field “on the ground”. “I would like to disavow this information,” she said.

“I would like to remind you that attention to the so-called “Syrian Observatory” we have already attracted and began to attract not today, but long ago”, – said Zakharov. She noted that “for many media, this structure is a proven and reliable source of information, although in recent days was disavowed the same amount of information that this structure is provided”.

“Despite this, we haven’t heard a single refutation, no rocking this “Syrian Observatory”, – the diplomat noted.