Zakharova: the terrorists in Syria continue to receive support from abroad

MOSCOW, October 22. A group of terrorists in Syria continue to receive support from abroad, including weapons and militants, making it difficult to combat them. This was stated by the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“We have information that terrorist groups continue to receive support from abroad, she said. – It is clear that without such support, the victory over the terrorists would have been achieved much faster.”

Russia has serious concern that could not run at full capacity mechanism in combating illicit oil trade with terrorists, said Zakharova.

She also noted that in Vienna is scheduled for Friday several rounds of talks with Lavrov on Syria, including “bilateral” with Kerry and the foreign Ministers of Russia, USA, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

In addition, said Zakharov, Lavrov will on October 29 in Moscow the head of the OPCW Ahmet üzümcü, who arrives in Russia to participate in the closing ceremony of the last production facility chemical weapons.

According to her, üzümcü arrives in the Russian Federation “for participation in the closing ceremony of one of last Russian object on destruction of the chemical weapon”. “During the meeting it is planned to discuss the status of implementation of Russia’s obligations under the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons, the situation in non-proliferation towards the operation of the OPCW, in particular the problem of preventing chemical weapons getting into the hands of terrorists”, – said the diplomat.

Zakharova also said that a new round of violence in the Palestinian territories and in Israel raises concerns in Moscow to ease tensions directed a meeting of the middle East Quartet in Vienna. “In this regard, has offered to host the meeting in Vienna of Ministers of the “Quartet” – said the diplomat. I hope she will be productive”.