Churkin: the United States refused to share with Russia information on the positions of terrorists in Syria

The UN, on October 22. /Corr. Oleg Zelenin/. The United States refused to cooperate with Russia in the framework established in Baghdad coordinating center and to provide information about the positions of the terrorists in Syria. This was stated to journalists by the permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Vitaly Churkin.

He criticized his American counterpart Samantha Power, who at the meeting of the Security Council argued that from the Russian airstrikes suffer more civilians than terrorists. The US Ambassador referred to these human rights activists and media reports. Vitaly Churkin admitted that he “was surprised” by this.

“Washington, the CIA and military intelligence that, read the media reports? Perhaps it makes your job more important, but we have made a very fair offer – to join the centre, which we created together with Iraq, Iran and Syria in Baghdad to exchange information on terrorists. We invited them, or rather, requested them to give us information about who we should bomb and who should not. They refused. So now it is rather strange to complain that we did the wrong thing, not to say that, in their opinion, we need to do, and to quote various /information/ Agency, describing the consequences of the events”, – said the permanent representative of the Russian Federation.

More openness, than the coalition

Vitaly Churkin drew attention that Russia is openly carrying out an operation against terrorists in Syria. “Our military conducted a daily briefing at the Ministry of defense, showing how the attacks are made, and emphasizing that they are pursuing only military targets. I didn’t see USA or the coalition did something similar during their campaigns, lasting more than a year,” said the diplomat.

According to him, Russia is doing everything openly, and tries to act responsibly. “We haven’t heard any confirmed reports about casualties among civilians. we Have no reliable information on this account”, – said the diplomat.

He noted that in this situation, you can learn from the experience of the U.S. military. “You know what they say in the military (USA), when there are reports of casualties. They say they can’t confirm it. In other situations, they just refuse to talk about civilian casualties,” said Churkin. According to him, when Russia raised in the UN the issue of civilian casualties resulting from strikes in Libya in 2011, the American side refused to discuss it. “They just said, “Get out of here. It’s irrelevant, because we’ve done a fantastic job, overthrowing the (Muammar) Gaddafi, and it’s beneath our dignity to discuss civilian casualties,” said Russia’s permanent representative.

Commenting on the approval of the American side that the purpose of the Russian attacks are militants of the Syrian opposition, which he passed training in USA, Churkin recalled that in a recent hearing in Congress the head of the U.S. Central command General Lloyd Austin admitted that from participating in the American program IG oppose.

Ignore the irresponsible Iran

Vitaly Churkin expressed confidence that the U.S. position on Syria is evolving and approaching the Russian understanding of the situation and called irresponsible that Iran is not attracted to the international discussions on the conflict settlement.

“Iran, let’s face it, has developed some interesting ideas and suggestions during the Syrian conflict, which, if received proper development, helped to achieve a breakthrough. So irresponsible not to attract them. We are disappointed that the Americans and some others against their direct participation in the talks,” the diplomat said.

He disagreed with statements in the Wall Street Journal conjectures that between Russia and Iran there is a “schism” in the Syrian issue. “No, I don’t see any split”, – said the permanent representative of the Russian Federation. According to him, “may be some nuances in the approaches” of the two countries, which is natural for situations “when the experts say, understanding the complexity of the situation”.