“Fish stock” Sakhalin will go to the Federal level

“Fish stock” Sakhalin will go to the Federal level

In the project Sakhalin-fish exchange in the area of electronic auction will be sent to 20% of each type produced in the area of water biological resources, noted in the government of Sakhalin.

YUZHNO-SAKHALINSK, 23 Oct. The Sakhalin project “fish stock”, organized by the government of the region and Sberbank of Russia, will be released on the Federal level, said the press service of the regional government.

E-platform will be expanded including through the participation of various state organizations. The exchange plans to connect all regional fishing enterprises, during October-November, they will conclude appropriate agreements.

“To develop normative documents according to which in the project Sakhalin-fish exchange on the site of the current e-auction will be sent to 20% of each type produced in the area of aquatic bioresources”, — said the press service.

In addition, the Sakhalin Governor Oleg Kozhemyako ordered to connect all regional fishery companies and to the project “Available fish”, under which the company will supply up to 10% of catches directly in the trading network of the region.

In order to expedite this work, the government of the Sakhalin region is going to actively take measures to stimulate companies participating in the projects “Available fish” and “Electronic exchange”. In particular, interest rate subsidies to companies, and the calculation will produce based on the volume of products supplied. Also provided tax incentives, assistance in acquiring equipment through lease payments and other measures, reported the press service.