Gett: the taxi market in Russia is expected to double by 2020 to $20 billion through online services

MOSCOW, October 23. The taxi market in Russia is expected to double by 2020 and reach $20 billion due to the development of online services. This assessment, commenting on the content of the forum of Internet technologies RIW2015, was presented by the General Director, the company’s founder Gett (formerly GetTaxi) is Shahar waiser.

“The taxi market in Russia, which is still mostly traditional services in this area in 2015 is estimated at $9 billion But with the advent of online services, the demand for the use of taxis began to grow, and for 3-4 years he can be in 2-3 times more. So we can say that a modified market will reach $15-20 billion a year,” said waiser.

The traditional taxi market is one of the oldest markets in the world. Globally it is growing at 3-5% per year. According to the head of Gett, with the advent of this industry in Russia online services by taxi (around since 2011) has changed the logic of the market, and usage scenarios of a taxi.

“You used to book a taxi in three cases: if you couldn’t drive because he had consumed alcohol, if you were driving to the airport or if your car was not nearby, for example, it was in the garage. Users now take cabs to work, move by taxi through the city center during business meetings, short trips from home to the subway. With this there is no need to look for Parking. We noticed that the man who once tried to Help after 2 months of use it half as much, and in 2 years he uses it three times more than at the beginning. And this is also reflected in the market”, he concluded.

To increased demand is pushing users and constantly declining price.

So, if before the arrival of the online services the cost of the minimum trip at the official carriers averaged 550 RUR, use of technology and resource optimization made it possible to lower it to 50 rubles.

Now in Russia there are several online taxi services: in addition to Gett That “Yandex.Taxi,” Uber, “Maxim”, “Lucky” and several others.