Opel denied allegations of German environmentalists in violation of the norms of exhaust emissions

BERLIN, October 23. German automotive company Opel, owned by the American Corporation General Motors, denied allegations of German environmentalists that it was installed on their machines software that allows you to falsify test data exhaust is like a Volkswagen. Opel is thus responding to the accusations of the German NGO for the protection of the environment Deutsche Umwelthilfe.

“Opel” totally rejects allegations Deutsche Umwelthilfe. This applies to all our vehicles without any restrictions: the software, developed by GM, cannot determine whether the car is on testing or not”, – said in a statement released by the automaker.

Previously Deutsche Umwelthilfe has published a report, stating that the content of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gases of a compact MPV Opel Zafira with a diesel engine far exceeds current standards in Europe Euro 6. The report was based on a study conducted on behalf of the organization by experts of the University of applied Sciences the Swiss city of Bern.

Swiss experts have come to the conclusion that the content of nitrogen oxide in the exhaust gases of the model Opel Zafira is changed depending on whether the car is AWD or not. They claimed that the exhaust is cleaner if cars used front-wheel drive only, as is the case in the time of passing the official tests.

Opel company conducted its own tests with a similar vehicle. According to her, tests showed that when switching drive modes the content of harmful substances in the exhaust varies within normal limits.