Peskov: Putin got acquainted with Carter presents data on IG

MOSCOW, October 23. The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin familiarized himself with data about the positions of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG – banned in Russia) in Syria, presented by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. As reported to journalists the press-Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov, this information is not of a military nature and was broadcast on open channels.

“Yes, Mr Putin got acquainted with this information, – said Peskov. And indeed, the information was sent”. He noted that military information may be transmitted on closed military channels. “Here it is, after all, about some data that was brought to the attention of the Russian colleagues open communication channels”, – said the representative of the Kremlin. He won’t talk about the details of the data presented.

Previously, Carter had proposed for the military use of the card positions of the Islamic state group in Syria, prepared by his personal been launched by the Carter center in Atlanta (GA). They have been passed through the Russian Embassy in the United States. Russian diplomats stated that the graphic materials are not classified information, most of them are posted on the website “However, we appreciated this gesture of the former President of the United States, which, obviously, was wholeheartedly in favour of joining efforts in the fight against terrorism and worries about the fate of the Syrian people,” – said at the Embassy.

On the background of send out cards publicly told the other day the crankcase. It boils down to is that in April of this year the President of Russia took Moscow in Novo-Ogaryovo so-called Group of elders of world politics, which included the former President of the United States. According to the latter, at the meeting it became clear that they have a common passion – fishing and they exchanged e-mail addresses to maintain contact.

On 15 October, told Carter, he was sent to the address received a note with an offer to provide maps of Syria showing them the positions of militants. And the next day he got a call from the Embassy and asked to send them these cards, which he did.

Cannot identify

Also Peskov said that the Kremlin says that it is not possible to identify the so-called moderate opposition in Syria. Assistance in this matter, Moscow does not receive neither from the US nor from Europe. Russia continues in this direction and are ready to dialogue.

“Unfortunately, there is no one Central force with which we could cooperate, he said. – All the difficulties originate from here.”

According to the representative of the Kremlin, among the Syrian opposition groups “of names featured very much.” “Now to focus any one of them I would not. Yes, indeed, the work in this regard is underway,” – said Peskov. He stressed that all forces that are not terrorists, Russia is ready to maintain contact “in the interests of combating terrorism and extremism and in the interests of resolving the situation in Syria”.

“From the very beginning of the operation in Syria, President Putin and other Russian officials spoke of a willingness to interact with the so-called moderate opposition. Simultaneously had to emphasize that us to differentiate the so-called moderate opposition can not” – said Peskov.

“Extract from a motley palette of various terrorist and extremist organizations that pose a threat to the territorial and political integrity of Syria, some moderate forces is also not possible,” he said. “Unfortunately, to help us with this identification until American counterparts, neither the European nor the other can not”, – said Peskov.

In the opinion of the representative of the Kremlin, other countries “can’t point to any so-called moderates, who might find it (a settlement in Syria).” “So far, unfortunately, some are no tangible results”, – said Peskov.

In his view, “must proceed from the fact that the fight against terrorism and extremism in Syria.” “In this case, you cannot be a terrorist, moderate or immoderate, terrorism is an evil that must be fought, which is to be destroyed, what actually happens,” – said the representative of the Kremlin.

Press Secretary of the President believes that “such a decision (to refer anyone to the moderate opposition) on their own cannot be made, such decisions can only be the product develop a consolidated opinion”. “This will require, of course, and exchange views with the legitimate leadership of the Syrian Arab Republic, with the President (Bashar) Assad, his representatives, and also, naturally, extensive consultation with other countries in the region”, – said Peskov. He added that this issue should also be discussed and with Western countries.

A Kremlin spokesman said that “the Russian side has consistently invites to dialogue and cooperation and regional countries, and the United States, and other countries who participate in anti-terrorist operations”.

Commenting on information by Turkish media about a plan involving a six-month transition period for Assad, during which he remains in power, but also forms the provisional government, and subsequently left his position with the guarantees of personal security, Peskov said that knows nothing about it. “I don’t know what you say very carefully”, he said.