Putin: the Russian military is in Syria to protect primarily the interests of the Russians

SOCHI, October 22. The Russian military is in Syria to protect primarily the interests of the Russians, they are all heroes, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

“First of all, they protect the interests of Russia and the Russian people. Strike at the bandits and their groups that pose a threat to our country, – he said at the meeting of the Discussion club “Valdai”. – Of course, they are risking health and life. In this sense, they are all heroes. But they chose this profession willingly, it’s their choice. I’m proud of them”.

Putin noted that surprised by the ability of military pilots to skillfully control the aircraft under those accelerations that they experience. “Overload is enormous. Aerobatics in the truest sense of the word. These people certainly deserve our respect”, – noted the head of state.

Speaking about the necessity to fight against terrorists in Syria, Putin said: “50 years ago Leningradskaya street taught me one rule: if a fight is inevitable, do you punch first.”

According to the President, the threat of terrorist attacks in Russia from its actions in Syria became neither more nor less, “she was and still is, unfortunately.”

“Here we did not take any action in Syria. That forced the terrorists to strike in Volgograd at the railway station? They just hate the mentality, the struggle with Russia as such. So we’d better take off to fight there than wait here,” Putin said.