Sokolov: the new owners of Transaero to receive the certificate needs to solve all the problems

MILAN, October 23. The new owners of Transaero airlines to obtain an air operator certificate must solve all the accumulated problems, said the transport Minister Maxim Sokolov.

The Minister of transport recalled that the company, which certificate will be cancelled from October 26, unable to serve the required number of flights and has serious arrears.

Answering the question of whether “Transaero” to obtain a new operator’s certificate, Sokolov said: “if the new owners of the company – if they would – would resolve all these issues with all the lenders and the counterparties under the contracts – and they are really many, about 100 of counterparties with whom the company carries out its daily operational activities – that is if we will see all and it will not harm the quality of passenger service and, most importantly, safety — If all this be balanced, linked, presented the future plan of the company, it is certainly no problem with obtaining a new certificate of the operator – despite the fact that the staff are qualified, experienced, and not only cabin crew, but the management company will be appropriately certified by the aviation authorities – in this case, of course, should not be (problems with certificate – approx.).

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The Minister stressed that while information about purchase of actions “Transaero” the co-owner of S7 airlines Vladislav Filev is the statements “not supported by any papers”.

Sokolov also said that the aim of the information campaign around the purchase of “Transaero” Filev could be manipulation of the stock price of the carrier on the exchange, said the transport Minister Maxim Sokolov.

“Yes worthless today this company, and not the ruble. Because the cost is not an imaginary value of the shares on the stock exchange, which is jumping and playing – and here, perhaps, we must see if not for this game the exchange was launched with all the hype in the media,” he said.

The sharp growth of actions “Transaero” took place on October 21 amid reports that the General Director of S7 airlines Vladislav Filev has acquired not less than 51% of actions “Transaero” Alexander Pleshakov, who is the largest shareholder of the airline. Filev said that the shareholders “Transaero” has a plan for the normalization of relations with creditors of the airline, however, refused to disclose details. He also noted that new shareholders by all means try to avoid the bankruptcy of the airline.