Speech by Vladimir Putin at session of debatable club “Valdai”. Key statements

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin took part in the final plenary session of XII annual meeting of the International discussion club “Valdai” in Sochi.

The meeting was attended by over 130 experts and political scientists from 30 countries. The 12th meeting of the participants of the Great Valdai opened in Sochi on 19 October.

Club “Valdai” was created in September 2004. Its name he received at the venue of the first conference in Veliky Novgorod, near lake Valdai. The club unites leading foreign political scientists and experts, specialized on research in the field of the Russian economy and cultural-humanitarian spheres. The club meetings are held annually in different regions of Russia. During the 11 years existence of the club was attended by over 900 representatives of the international scientific community from 62 countries.


The Russian President said that the U.S. missile defense system threatens nuclear potential of Russia, it changes the philosophy of world security.

Putin is convinced that the US lied to Russia and the whole world, speaking about Iran’s nuclear threat.

The President noted that under the pretext of the Iranian nuclear threat, “the destruction of the fundamental basis of contemporary international security – the Treaty on the limitation of missile defence”. “The US unilaterally withdrew from it. Today the Iranian nuclear issue is resolved – no threat from Iran was not, as we said, not” – said the President of the Russian Federation.

If one country believes that it has created a missile “umbrella” and can protect themselves from retaliatory or launch under attack, then her hands are untied in the use of any weapons. This is a violation of the strategic balance

About double play

Putin has warned other countries against attempts to use terrorists for their own purposes.

“It is always difficult to play a double game,” he said. “To announce the fight against terrorists and at the same time try to use some of them in order to arrange the pieces on the Board of the middle East in their interests. As it seems – in their interests,” he said.

It is impossible to succeed in the fight against terrorists, if some of them to use as a battering RAM to overthrow undesirable regimes

About trade sanctions and wars

The visible manifestation of the desire of the United States to establish an exclusive domination in the world Putin called the trade and sanctions war, who in fact used as a means of unfair competition, including in relation to the partners.

So the allies do? No. Do the vassals who dared to act on their own. Punish them for bad behavior

About the operation in Syria

If the US goal in Syria is the departure of President Bashar al-Assad, Russia’s goal – the fight against terrorism, and Damascus in these efforts, said the Russian leader.

Putin said that the Russian anti-terrorist operation in Syria aims to establish peace and to launch a preemptive strike to terrorists.

Here we did not take any action in Syria. That forced the terrorists to strike in Volgograd at the railway station? They just hate the mentality, the struggle with Russia as such. So, we better fight them there than to wait here

About the problem of refugees in Europe

The refugee problem, if not addressed with regard to the interests of the indigenous population, may lead to a rise in nationalism and intolerance, Putin said.

Of course, there are many people who – most people sympathize with the refugees, want to help them. The question is how to do it, without prejudice to the interests of the indigenous inhabitants of the countries in which the refugees are moving

About the Ukrainian crisis

Russia will accept any choice of the Ukrainian people, but opposes a coup d’etat with a change of government, said the President of the Russian Federation.

Without the participation of Europe, and without U.S. participation, to resolve the situation is unlikely. It is useless to endlessly accuse Russia in that it does not perform or does not urge the authorities of the unrecognized republics in the South-East of Ukraine to fulfill the Minsk agreements, if the key provisions of the Minsk agreements are not fulfilled by the Ukrainian authorities. They and the Kiev authorities are not enforced

On competition States

Putin warned against uncontrolled competition of States, which can be destructive to the world and lead to a new arms race.

All States always have and will have their sometimes divergent interests, and the development of world history was always accompanied by competition powers and their unions. In my opinion, it’s completely natural. Importantly, this competition was constructed within certain political, legal, moral norms and rules. Otherwise, the rivalry, the clash of interests is fraught with acute crises and dramatic breakdowns

The collapse of the USSR

The USSR collapsed because of internal reasons, but not without the help of geopolitical rivals, according to the President of the Russian Federation.

The Russian leader insists that the collapse of the USSR was a tragedy, above all – humanitarian nature.

As a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union 25 million ethnic Russians found themselves abroad against their will and suddenly, the Russian people are the biggest divided nation in the world and this is definitely a tragedy

About the Russian economy

Putin believes that the Russian economy will finally overcome the crisis and will not spend accumulated “strategic reserve”.

We have a steadily positive trade balance holds, no matter what difficulties and problems, we have a fairly high gold and currency reserves of the Central Bank – 370 billion dollars, we have a good government reserves: one Fund 70, in another Reserve Fund – 74 billion