Study: unwanted contain 92% of pirated copies of movies

MOSCOW, October 23. The share of pirated copies of movies that contain unwanted software (SW) is 92%, according to the research of Group-IB. This was announced by the representative of the Group-IB Dmitry Tyurkin, addressing the forum, Russian Interactive Week 2015.

“About 92% of pirated copies contain some unwanted and in this sense much harm to the users,” he said.

Now only 20% of Russians consume content legally. Another 20% thought pirates, who in principle are not willing to pay for content, said Tyurkin. The remaining 60% are undecided. Efforts should be made to this part of the people switched to legal content.

The volume of the legal market for digital distribution in Russia, by estimations of the General Director of the Association “Internet video” Alexey Byrdina, is $200 million, He stressed that before the mass appearance of digital hire the Russians spent about $3 billion to buy the DVD both legal and “pirate”. “These are people who were willing to pay for content,” he said.

So, in the fight against “piracy” it is necessary that the rights holders have reduced the “digital window” (the period between the release of the film in the rolled and the advent of legal digital copy). In addition, it is important to expedite the blocking of illegal content, said the General Director of online cinema Tvzavr Marina Shurygina.