The Central Bank imposed temporary administration in Bank “Soviet”

The Central Bank imposed temporary administration in Bank “Soviet”

Functions of temporary administration on management of the St. Petersburg Bank, the Central Bank has charged the Agency for Deposit insurance.

MOSCOW, 23 Oct. The Bank of Russia from October 23 has introduced temporary administration in Saint-Petersburg Bank “Soviet”, is spoken in the message of the Central Bank.

A temporary administration imposed in connection with the identification of signs of financial instability of the Bank, threaten the interests of its creditors (depositors).

Functions of the provisional administration of the Bank vested in the Agency for Deposit insurance (DIA).

The powers of the heads of the Bank, its management bodies and powers of shareholders of the Bank related to participation in the authorized capital, including the right to convene the General meeting of shareholders, suspended.

One of the priorities of the interim administration is to conduct a survey of the financial situation of the credit institution.