The economy Minister of Italy: we are ready to support enterprises that cooperate with Russia

VERONA, October 23. Italy is ready to support enterprises that cooperate with Russia. This was during the Eurasian economic forum said the Minister of economic development of Italy Federica Guidi.

“Italy is ready to support the companies which cooperate with Russia,” she said, adding that the Italian government is ready to facilitate technology exchange between Russian and Italian companies, as well as the processes of import substitution in Russia.

Guidi urged focus on cooperation in sectors not affected by sanctions.

“What can we do, as soon as possible? We can try to create a system of relations in which sector are not affected by sanctions, would continue to operate, and countries to cooperate,” said the Minister.

According to her, not only Western sanctions against Russia hamper. “The embargo that Russia has imposed on agricultural products, also poses a serious problem,” she said.

Guidi sure that the decision in the current situation, which is “somewhat clouded relations between Russia and Europe”, soon to be found.

“International tensions is a serious thing, it cannot be ignored. I believe that despite the fact that today still persist in some areas, certain problems together, developing cooperation, we will be able to adequately respond to the challenges that confront us all”, she concluded.