The Japanese company IHI is ready to participate in the creation of its own production in Russia

TOKYO, October 23. /Corr. Igor Belyaev/. One of the leaders of Japanese heavy engineering Corporation IHI is ready to participate in locate its production in Russia on the basis of the automotive cluster. This in an exclusive interview said the head of the Department for external economic and international relations of Moscow Sergey Cheremin, which was part of the delegation of the Moscow government, ending his official visit to Japan.

“IHI, the company engaged in the production of automotive components, is one of the main suppliers of the plant of Renault-Nissan in Moscow, said that continued to show interest in the Russian market and are ready to participate in the localization of its own production-based automotive cluster,” said Cheremin. The interlocutor of the Agency stressed that “the company is not going to leave from Moscow, despite the turmoil with the ruble, which happened in the last time”. “The company believes its business profitable, but the investment is justified”, he added.

As noted Cheremin, the Japanese business has no complaints on the investment climate of Moscow. “Pessimistic of any notes or complaints about the poor investment climate from Japanese business did not sound during our stay in Tokyo, said the Minister. – Despite the difficult geopolitical situation and economic crisis, Japanese companies continue to show great interest in cooperation with Russia. It was noted including the meeting of Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin with representatives of major Japanese business”.

The interlocutor of the Agency said that the Japanese company “willing to invest in the construction of a network of hotels, the renovation and creation of transport hubs (TPU) using the latest Japanese technology.”

Cheremin also noted that Moscow welcomes the desire of Japanese companies who are willing to invest in the social sphere. “This primarily concerns the construction of diagnostic centers. Japan is considered the leader in life expectancy of the population, and to a large extent this is due to there existing best practices for medical diagnostics”, – said the head of the Department.

On Friday the Moscow government delegation headed by mayor Sergei Sobyanin has completed an official visit to Tokyo, during which the Moscow town Governor signed with his Tokyo counterpart Yoichi masuzoe the Memorandum of understanding and cooperation between the governments of the two capitals.

According to this document, the capital of Japan and Russia will carry out cooperation and exchanges in such fields as urban planning; sports and sports infrastructure development. The mayors of the two cities also agreed to continue cooperation in those areas in which it already has, and to develop partnerships.