The Moscow government became the sole shareholder of the SMBR

MOSCOW, October 23. The Moscow government became the sole shareholder of JSC “Moscow ring railway” (MKZHD) after making the first tranche for the purchase of shares of the company. About it reports a press-service of the Moscow Department of transport and development of road transport infrastructure.

“The Moscow government became the sole shareholder of JSC “Moscow ring railway”, – stated in the message. According to the press service, the deal was approved by the Board of Directors of Russian Railways on 23 September. Under the Protocol, the sue “Moscow metro” acquires shares in excess of 25,047 million (50% of the Charter capital of JSC “SMBR”) for 3,182 bn October 20, OAO “RZD” received the first payment as part of the deal to $ 1,591 billion rubles.

Under the terms of the transaction, all the rights certified by the shares sold, and selling rights to the shares shall pass to the buyer once the first tranche. Completely the transaction will be completed on 1 July 2016, when at the expense of JSC “RZD” received the second payment in the amount of 1,591 billion rubles.

The deal will allow more intensively to develop transport hubs and areas adjacent to CIT, to significantly simplify the procedure of organization of tenders for construction.

With the launch of passenger traffic on the smaller Moscow belt railway is planned to give new life to industrial areas, which will be built 200 thousand square meters of public-business zones, another 300 thousand square meters will appear hotels and apart-hotels on 250 thousand square meters of retail space, which would allow us to create about 40 thousand new jobs.

The total investment in the project to develop transport hubs on the Moscow ring railway will be about 55.5 bn At the same time Moscow will invest 15.5 billion rubles is Planned to attract about 40 billion rubles of private investment, according to the material.

The founders of JSC “SMBR” are the Moscow government and OAO “Russian Railways”. The decision to sell its stake in the company to the government of Moscow the Board of Directors of Russian Railways adopted in June 2015.

The company responsible for the organization of passenger traffic on smaller Moscow belt railway, was appointed the sue “Moscow metro”. SMBR will be included in a single with the metro tariff zone – passengers will not have to pay for transfers between the metro and the SMBR. It is planned that during peak hours the trains on the ring railway will ply at intervals of not more than six minutes.