“Closed sky”: by whom and how can strike ban on flights between Ukraine and the Russian Federation

October 25 should enter into force mutual bans in Russia and Ukraine on the use of airspace, which means the cessation of direct flights between the countries.

The situation worsened in late September, when Ukraine was included in the sanctions list of about 20 Russian carriers. However at the moment the sides expressed readiness for dialogue.

The reason for the rapprochement was the treatment of Ukrainian companies with the request to allow flights in the winter season 2015-2016.

Russia expressed readiness to make a step towards Ukraine by the lifting of the ban, Kiev said that on a positive dialogue with Moscow.

If the parties are unable to agree on a mutual ban on flights will have an impact on the transportation market, but will not be a disaster, experts say.

Chronicle of aviation conflict

Initially, in the sanctions lists of Kiev were about 20 Russian companies, including “Aeroflot”, “Russia”, “Donavia”, “Orenburg airlines”, “Transaero” (which had come under the operational management of “Aeroflot”), S7, “globe”, “Ural airlines”, “Vim-Avia”, “Kogalymavia”, “Gazpromavia” and the Red Wings.
Russia responded with a “mirror measures” by banning Ukrainian airlines flying over its territory. The Federal air transport Agency informed about the ban by three airlines: “Ukraine International airlines”, “Dniproavia” and “Motor Sich”.

In response to Moscow’s actions in Kiev declared the full termination of air links with the Russian Federation.

Alternative routes: threads “will find a way”

In the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation expressed confidence that in case of practical closure of airspace between countries transport flows between Russia and Ukraine “will find out”.

In Kiev now may have to get through Belarus, Moldova or Turkey. Remains and rail links.

Passengers are subject to less choice, “with a change” – more

According to experts, primarily from mutual sanctions hurt those whose business is connected with frequent flights between countries, as well as citizens of Russia and Ukraine, related. Such passengers account for up to 70% of the flow at the Russian-Ukrainian direction.

Also, the ban of flying over the Ukraine a blow to transit riders because approximately 40% of those who flew Aeroflot to Moscow and then continued his journey to Europe Russian airlines.

Of course, you can use the services of foreign carriers and to buy tickets on indirect flights, but these flights are more expensive, and longer over time, noted in Tutu.ru.

The company also indicated that because of the sanctions, air travel between the two countries is rather scarce, making it difficult to find the best options of flights.

In turn, the airline Ukraine International airlines (UIA) has already stated that prices on flights to Ukraine after the Russian Federation introduces retaliatory sanctions may increase significantly, because immediately to pick up the whole traffic flow is impossible.

Flights Russia-Ukraine

According to Tutu.ru, 72% of tickets from Russia to Ukraine with departure or after October 1, 2015 were issued for the flights of the Russian airlines: “Aeroflot”, “Siberia” (S7 airlines), UTair and Transaero. Moreover, the company UTair, was not originally included in the sanctions list, accounts for about 20% purchased through Tutu.ru tickets for Ukraine. The remaining 28% were divided between the Ukrainian companies: 16% “Ukraine International airlines”, 7% – “Dniproavia” and 5% “Motor Sich”.

Tourism: the tour operators will not suffer

As for representatives of tourism industry, according to their estimates, the ban on flights will affect independent travellers, but will not affect the business.

Market players noted that organized tourism between the two countries is practically nonexistent, so that the interests of tour operators the ban will not affect.

The airline’s 40-minute overflight and tens of millions of dollars of losses

In turn, the Association of air transport operators (air transport operators Association) stressed that the introduction of Ukrainian sanctions is fraught for the Russian airlines a loss of up to 40 minutes when fly-around of Ukraine – we are talking about transit flights to Europe, South to Turkey.

According to the air transport operators Association, the introduction of sanctions against 20 Russian carriers will lead to losses of airlines in the tens of millions of dollars.