Project: the costs of “may” decrees in 2016 will grow by 2.2%

“May decrees” entered by Vladimir Putin, assuming the implementation of the program of social guarantees, including in particular fixed requirements for salaries of teachers and state employees.

MOSCOW, 24 Oct. The costs of implementation “may” decrees of the President in 2016 will increase to 676,1 billion 661,5 billion rubles in 2015, these figures identified in the draft Federal budget for 2016, which the government submitted to the state Duma.

“May decrees” — wide development program of social guarantees, which Vladimir Putin stated in 2012, immediately after assuming the office of the President, fulfilling his campaign promises. A year after the signing of the decrees the government did them a little more than two-thirds. In early may of 2015, the President held a specialized meeting, where he stated that the rollback in the implementation “may” decrees there should be no need to look for reserves.

On state social policy in the draft budget for 2016 laid 105 billion rubles (134,8 billion in 2015). Spending on education and science is to be reduced to 38.6 billion to 68.7 billion in 2015. On providing citizens with affordable housing provides 38,4 billion rubles against 46,9 billion in 2015.

However, the cost of the improvements to military service will be increased to 175,9 billion rubles 150 billion in 2015, and the costs of demographic policy is to 22.9 billion rubles from 15.9 billion.

The cost of long-term economic policy in 2016 also is expected to increase — up to 161,2 billion rubles to 141 billion a year earlier.

On measures to implement foreign policy in 2016 from the budget is expected to spend 16 billion rubles against 18.7 billion in 2015. The cost of improving the system of public administration will be increased to 121 billion from 85 billion in 2015, spelled out in the draft budget.

However, budget allocations for the implementation “may” decrees for 2016 reduced by 224,3 billion rubles, compared with the approved in the budget law for 2015 and planning period 2016-2017.