Sands: you cannot beat the terrorists in Syria without a successful ground operation

LONDON, October 24. /Corr. Ilya Dmitriev, Maxim Ryzhkov/. It is impossible to achieve victory over the international terrorist organization “Islamic state” without a successful ground operation, which is conducted by the Syrian army. This was stated by President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov in an interview in English that he made the programme Hard Talk (“Hard current”) of the British broadcasting Corporation BBC.

“Our goal is to strengthen the position of legitimate Syrian army, because there is no other way. Let’s not forget about that – and I believe agree with me that all the military experts that we can in the months and years to bomb terrorist positions, we can have any number of drones flying around Syria, or we can continue its air operations, but it will not bring significant results without a ground operation. And the only power which can make this ground offensive against the terrorists is Syria”, – said the press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation.

He is sure that only after defeating terrorism, one may wonder about the true political settlement in the country, where four years of civil war. “Only after we defeated the terrorists, we can reflect on the true political settlement, but at the moment it is impossible to achieve,” said Sands. “We can’t talk about a political settlement, when there is a danger of losing Damascus, – he believes. – We can’t be sure, without external support, which these days come from Russia, from the operations of the Russian air force, that Damascus will not fall after a couple of months under the pressure of terrorists”.

Speaking about the future of Assad, Peskov stressed that to decide his fate, can only the people of ATS. “Neither Paris nor London, nor Washington, nor Moscow have any right to say who can be President of Syria, and who is not,” – said press Secretary of the head of the Russian state. According to him, “this is what insists President (Vladimir) Putin”. “His idea is that we can help them (the Syrians) to reach a political settlement,” Peskov added.