Sokolov: the gap for international flights after the departure “Transaero” close only “Aeroflot”

MILAN, October 23. To close the gap in international transportation after the departure “Transaero” can only “Aeroflot”, said the Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov.

“The most important thing now that the license is revoked, the company will not exercise its flights, our aviation market will be in an uncompetitive relative to other international airlines, it’s all right, and they are for the same frequencies will carry passengers and their and our. And we did not fly, because the company has no license. Of course, it is urgent to achieve parity, to close the gap. And to close today, with a fleet of wide-body aircraft mainly on international routes, of course, can only “Aeroflot”, – he said.

According to the Minister, to say that the market is non-competitive conditions arise unprofessional. “Here we seek competitive terms in comparison to the entire international aviation and promote the interests of the entire Russian aviation market”, – said Sokolov.

The airline “Transaero”, which, according to industry experts, too rapidly expanded in recent years, the fleet and passenger traffic, has accumulated more than 250 billion debt. In early September the company was placed under operational control of “Aeroflot”. On 1 October the government decided on bankruptcy of the carrier. The Federal air transport Agency on the results of the inspection of Transaero airlines, despite the desire of the co-owner Vladislav Fileva, S7 Group to buy a controlling stake in the company, decided to revoke the certificate of the operator “Transaero” on October 26. 56 international routes to compensate expenses for transportation of passengers of “Transaero” will enter the group of “Aeroflot”.