The fate of the coveted miles: what awaits the owners of co-branded card Transaero

The fate of the coveted miles: what awaits the owners of co-branded card Transaero

Moscow. October 23. While the largest creditors of the airline “Transaero” await the final decision of the fate of your borrower, several loan organizations are faced with the problem, though less ambitious from a financial point of view, but bearing reputational risk.

Co-branded cards of banks and airline, providing for the accrual of bonus miles with their subsequent exchange for free tickets “Transaero” has lost its appeal for customers. And the fate of already accumulated points cherished was not entirely clear.

According to the information on the website of “Transaero”, the company currently has kobrend with VTB 24, Gazprombank, Moscow industrial Bank (the Ural Bank), Moscow credit Bank, SMP Bank, MTS-Bank, Bank “FC OTKRITIE”, and “Khanty-Mansiysk Bank OTKRITIE” (“BKM OTKRITIE”), Promsvyazbank, ROSBANK and Bank “the Russian standard”.

Most of these loan organizations have already hastened to reassure cardholders and presented them with an alternative loyalty program.

New friend

The majority of banks-partners of “Transaero” on the co-branding offered cardholders to “move” on flights operated by other carriers, and first on the list is “Aeroflot”. Banks also do not skimp on additional proposals, which should compensate customers of “moral damage”.

So, SMP Bank is ready to perform the corresponding exchange of cards on preferential terms – without the fees for issuance and first year maintenance. “The rest of the terms of service and the procedure for calculating bonus miles are carried out in accordance with the applicable terms of service cards “SMP Aeroflot Bonus”, – stated in the message Bank.

The holders of “Transaero” Bank “FC Opening” and “Opening it” in case of transfer to card “Aeroflot” will be able to rely on a semi-annual no commissions. Also credit organizations promise to credit the account of the participant of the loyalty program “Aeroflot bonus”, all points on the cards “Transaero” received in September 2015 (when they already could not “to realize”).

The banks group “Discovery” is ready to offer special conditions and the cardholder “Transaero”, released third-party credit institutions: these customers they will provide three months of free service cards of the “Aeroflot”.

With the offer to third-party clients have also VTB 24 and Bank “Russian standard”.

VTB 24 to the end of 2015 upon presentation of the bonus card loyalty program “Transaero” ready to issue, the holder of their “credit “world Map” with a triple welcome miles”, which provides for the exchange of accumulated points for tickets multiple carriers (at customer’s choice).

However, if a valid client VTB 24 wants to get the same amount of extra miles he will have to close the existing card of “Transaero” and contact the office for registration of the “world Map”. If he will just continue to use his / her card, she will automatically be transferred to the proposed loyalty programme, but additional points will not be credited.

The Bank “Russian standard” offered to third-party clients to issue “a set of cards to travelers RSB Travel Card” with the option of converting accumulated since October 1 scores. Its customers the Bank is ready to offer a choice of credit card American Express Gold or a set of cards to travelers RSB Travel with free annual service. “The Bank also will offer a transfer credit limit and balance of the customer’s card from the old card to the new,” – said the press service of “Russian standard”.

Do not take off – so a swim

Credit Bank of Moscow at the request of customers started to convert the scores obtained by cobrando with Transaero airlines, to points own bonus program “ICD Bonus”. In the future, customers will be able to spend their “acquisition category “Travel”, the press service of the Bank. According to the information on the website of the credit organization, this is a railway and air tickets services, tour operators, booking hotels and transport rental.

A similar proposal is currently preparing to represent their clients and ROSBANK. At the request of customers the credit institution intends to exchange maps “Transaero” on card “ROSBANK – iGlobe”, reported the press service of the Bank. Under the newly proposed loyalty program, cardholders will be able to pay with bonus points tickets airlines, Railways, rental cars and other Shuttle service and pay for accommodation in hotels.

PSB has also prepared a special offer for holders of card “PSB-Transaero”. Under the new program, customers will be able to pay the accumulated points for goods and services of nearly 400 companies-partners of the Bank, said the representative of the press service of the credit institution. Also points can be used for repayment of Bank Commission payments.

“For all purchases made on these cards, we will award additional points under the benefit PSBonus. We introduce this proposal retroactively, bonuses will be received for transactions performed from 1 September,” – said in his address to clients the President of the Board of PSB Artem Kostandyan.

In this case, all banks that have submitted clients options of moving to a new loyalty program, say that maps “Transaero” will be served in the normal mode until the expiration of their validity period.

Painful suspense

However, it remains unclear the future of several co-branded projects. So, the official address to the clients with additional proposals submitted Gazprombank, MTS-Bank and the Ural Bank.

“Dear customers! For technical reasons, 2 October 2015 temporarily suspends the acceptance of applications for issuance or re-issuance in connection with the expiry of the card “Gazprombank – Aeroflot Russian airlines”. Information about the date of resumption of acceptance of applications will be posted later. We apologize,” – said in a statement on the website of Gazprombank.

Similar laconic message can see clients MTS-Bank. “Pay attention! The release of new maps “Transaero” is temporarily suspended. Maintenance of existing maps is carried out in a usual mode”, – stated in the message.

On the website the Ural Bank information cobranded with “Transaero” could not be found.

Representatives of the press services of these banks to the corresponding request is not answered.