The Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation: license of airline “Transaero” is cancelled once and for all

MILAN, October 23. The license of airline “Transaero” is cancelled once and for all. This was announced by the transport Minister Maxim Sokolov.

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“Some forces want to fish in troubled waters, as we say. Say – “let’s return to the situation two months ago” – but this plane will not fly and will not fly ever. Because the license expires, is canceled once and for all. It isn’t suspended, she canceled,” he said.

Talking about how will the market after the departure “Transaero” and whether the competitive environment, the Minister said: “We are going to format a new market. We will adjust, of course, and the competition. We have a special powerful Federal anti-monopoly service, which closely follows these issues. We have the industry regulator – the Ministry, which are always aimed at the formation of sectoral balances, the fact that passengers maximum comfort, the objectives have been balanced, because the minimum prices, as we see in practice with the same company “Transaero”, drive the airline to a standstill”.

The head of the Ministry of transport noted that other solutions except government intervention and “Aeroflot” “Transaero”, would have led to mass delays of flights.

“Other decisions, except for serious government intervention and operational management of “Aeroflot”, has led to the collapse of the absolute in our airports, to the mass delays of flights”, – he said.

According to the Minister, in that situation the problem would come up two million passengers, “that would be like an explosion”. But a difficult period, according to Sokolova, was passed “gently”