Forbes: operation of Russia in Syria will push the EU to remove the sanctions

Forbes: operation of Russia in Syria will push the EU to remove the sanctions

A favorable resolution of the Syrian conflict due to the actions of the Russian aviation has the potential to improve Russia’s relations with European partners, analyst says Forbes.

MOSCOW, 24 Oct. Although military operation of Russia in Syria has forced some nervous investors and its involvement in the conflict in the middle East will not negatively affect the economy, but on the contrary, the analyst writes Forbes Kenneth Raposa.

As more and more Europeans are tired of sanctions against Russia, an important partner, many business players are waiting for the lifting of sanctions to have an opportunity to invest in the Russian economy.

“Today Russia is a market, dependent on the mood of its participants, and the attitude of investors depends primarily on the situation in Ukraine, then the situation on the oil markets and then from Syria,” says Rapoza, adding that multinational companies will not cease to invest in this country because of Syria.

As a result, in this situation, Moscow is faced with the possible positive effects, such as the lifting of sanctions, and negative risk: the situation around oil and confrontation with Washington on Syria, which could deter investors.

“Because the negative risks are manageable and relatively low, a positive outcome of the Syrian conflict, with the assistance of the Russian intervention has the potential to improve relations with the West, namely Europe, which is reeling from crisis with the refugees,” says the analyst.

“We expect that Putin will behave in an adult among all these kids in the West who play with fire and eventually not taking any decisions”, — quoted the Director of Fund Prosperity Capital Management Martin Charmoy.

“I suppose there is a chance that the EU will cancel the sanctions in January,” believes Martin Charmoy. According to him, this will happen regardless of attempts to put on American and British television Russia in a negative light.

From September 30 to Russia at the request of the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad began to apply airstrikes against the “Islamic state” in Syria. During this time, aerospace forces have caused about 830 strikes, killing several hundred fighters, dozens of control points, warehouses and other facilities of the terrorists. In addition, 26 cruise missiles has released ships of the Caspian flotilla, which successfully defeated the objects of IG. Thanks to the support of the Russian space forces with air propelled Syrian military offensive against the terrorists on the ground, now the government army active phase of the offensive.

As against Russian politicians, businessmen and companies were imposed sanctions

Western countries since March 2014 has several times imposed sanctions because of Russia’s position on Ukraine. On 16 September Ukraine has expanded the list of anti-Russian measures.

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