Aeroflot and Transaero banned flights to Ukraine

KIEV, September 25. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on Friday took the decision to ban flights to the country of Russian airlines. This was announced by Prime Minister Yatsenyuk at a Cabinet meeting.

According to him, “according to the decision of the NSDC (national security Council and defense of Ukraine) the government of Ukraine adopts the decision to ban flights of Russian airlines, “Aeroflot” and “Transaero” to Ukraine”.

“The Cabinet also bans transit flights by Russian airlines through the territory of Ukraine, if they contain military goods, dual-use or Russian military manpower,” – said Yatsenyuk.

He was instructed to inform the relevant decision of the Ukrainian government to the Russian side.

“The government insists on immediate implementation of all sanctions set by the resolution of the NSDC”, – he stressed.

Yatsenyuk appealed to the sanctions Committee to constantly monitor the implementation of the announced sanctions. If necessary, he said, need to change and add to the NSDC decision, the additional surname and company.

“The head of each Executive authority must be ensured one hundred percent enforcement of the decision of the Council of national security and defense”, stressed the head of government.

Ukraine also banned the use of the software “Kaspersky Lab”.

The sanctions come into force on 25 October

Sanctions against Russian airlines ban flights to Ukraine enter into force on October 25, reported the press service of the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine.

“On behalf of the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the state aviation service of Ukraine informed the Russian airline, caught in the sanctions list, that they will not be granted permission to perform flights in the Ukrainian city with the beginning of the 2015-2016 winter season (i.e. 25.10.2015)”, – stated in the message.

Earlier in the press service of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation said that the Russian aviation authorities have not yet received from Ukraine a notification on the ban of flights of airlines of the Russian Federation to Ukraine.

Sanctions Kiev

On 16 September the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed a decree expanding the list of sanctions against Russia.

The decision on the extension of sanctions comes in clear coordination with our partners from the European Union, the United States of America and other countries that offer adequate response to the annexation of Crimea and aggression in the Donbas

Petro Poroshenko

According to Poroshenko, the list of sanctions adopted by the Council of national security and defence of Ukraine (NSDC), included 388 individuals and 105 legal entities.

Then in the sanctions lists were “Aeroflot” and about 20 Russian airlines.

Moscow’s Position

On 24 September, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said that the Russian government has not yet decided when and what counter-sanctions to Ukraine can be applied.

Earlier, the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin condemns the introduction by Ukraine of anti-Russian sanctions. “As for Russian companies, this is not good,” admitted Sands. However, “blessing in disguise”, he quoted a famous saying.