Deputy economy Minister: Azerbaijan allows for the possibility of participation in the EEU

BAKU, October 26. /Corr. Alexey Kosarev/. Azerbaijan allows for the possibility of participation in the Eurasian economic Union (EEU). This was stated on Monday by Deputy Minister of economy and industry Sevinj Hasanova at the meeting with representatives of Russian media.

“In principle we accept the possibility of participation in those unions, which is beneficial for us, will bring mutual benefits and for these unions, and for Azerbaijan”, – she said, answering the question of the possible accession to the EEU. “For this first you need to analyze the pros and cons of participation in such organizations… to produce a detailed assessment of the participation of Azerbaijan”, – added the Deputy Minister.

The development of relations with Russia

Azerbaijan is interested in development of economic ties with Russia, stated Sevinj Hasanova.

“Our relations with Russian colleagues are keeping at the highest level,” she said.

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“Russia for us is a friendly country”, – said the Deputy Minister. However, it drew attention to the fact that “we all came from the USSR”. According to the Deputy Minister, Azerbaijan has “not lost, but have developed the Russian language”.

All, according to her, Azerbaijan has “about 600 companies with Russian capital”.

“We are also investing in the Russian economy. Our investments exceed over $1 billion”, – added the Deputy Minister.

The two countries ‘ trade Hasanov described as “rather high,” noting that the results of last year Russia took the fourth place among trade and economic partners of the Republic. In this case, the supply to Azerbaijan of the Russian Federation is in first place.

Hasanov noted that wide enough is the cooperation of Azerbaijan with Russian regions – Dagestan, St. Petersburg, Astrakhan, Moscow and other.

The creation of logistics centers

Hasanov also noted that Azerbaijan is interested in creation in territory of Russia logistic centers to ensure the export from the Republic.

“Planned and are very interested in establishment of logistics centers for our exports in Russia. We in this part of the work, we already have the experience of establishing logistics base in Kazakhstan,” she said.

According to Hasanova, Azerbaijan is creating these centers, “a manufacturer is free to submit their products for export, and the exporter was free to take the products that can meet the requirements of the importer”