Kommersant: the head of “Rosoboronexport” was arrested on suspicion of theft

MOSCOW, 26 Jan. Tver district court of capital has re-arrested the Director of the Federal state unitary enterprise “Rosoboronexport” Stanislav Lepetilo who is suspected of embezzling 16 million rubles spent on non-existent seminars for the employees of the organization, wrote on Monday the newspaper “Kommersant”.

It is noted that in this case also arrested former Director of development of St. Petersburg “military-industrial consulting” (GBC) Igor Filatov.

“They, as well as two other staff members of these organizations are accused of plunder at “Rosoboroneksporta” almost 16 million rubles listed for the seminars, which actually, according to the investigation, were not conducted”, — stated in the material.

According to the publication, between “Rosoboroneksportom” and the defense industry were signed 12 contracts, under which the St. Petersburg company was to hold seminars for the staff of “Rosoboronexport”. Workshops were not held, but the money for them, the MIC received in full.

It is reported that in the summer of this year on the given fact criminal case about fraud in especially large size. Then for the first time the consequence has addressed in the Tver regional court with the petition for arrest of the suspects. With another person involved in the case, former CEO of DIC Yulia Filatova, was taken recognizance not to leave. Subsequently, the appellate instance of the Moscow city court upheld the decision to arrest Filatov in force and a resolution on the detention of Lepetilo canceled.

“Examining the motives of the petition for his arrest, the court found that one of the reasons was the fact that the investigator received information that Stanislav Lepetilo is the organizer of the crime. However, as found by the court of appeal, relevant evidence, the representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs to the court of first instance did not submit”, — reports the edition.

The Moscow city court sent the case back for retrial, while leaving Lepetilo custody. The Tver district court reviewed the petition of the investigation and re-arrested the Director “Rosoboroneksporta”, extending his detention until December 13.