Media reported about a possible exchange problem Volkswagen German buyers

Moscow. October 25. The Volkswagen is able to offer its customers in Germany to exchange cars, which affected the diesel scandal, the new reports on Sunday, Deutsche Welle referring to the German Agency dpa.

Allegedly, in the company are seriously considering the possibility to offer car owners a bonus to buy a new car instead of a revocation for conversion of models with software for manipulating the results of tests on the content of harmful substances in automobile exhausts. It is manipuli with the software caused the scandal around the Corporation, which the head of Volkswagen has left his post, and the shareholders are going to file a multi-billion dollar lawsuits.

Such a proposal has arisen from the high cost of retrofitting diesel vehicles with engines of 1.6 liters. Sources report that in their case the installation of the new software instead of the on-Board computer programs that allow you to bypass environmental standards, will not be enough. The cars will require more expensive upgrades.