MP from the Communist party: Assad believes that the crises in Syria and Ukraine one “architect”

MOSCOW, October 25. Syrian President Bashar Assad is convinced that the political crises in Ukraine and Syria were organized by the same “writer.” About this informed the Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist party Alexander Yushchenko following the meeting with the Syrian leader.

The delegation, which includes Yushchenko, is on a humanitarian mission in Syria.

“At the meeting with our delegation, Assad said that, maybe there is a difference between the crisis in Syria and Ukraine, but here “architect – “one” – quotes Yushchenko’s words Assad.

According to the Deputy, Assad stressed that the nationalists in Ukraine and the militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” managed from one center.

Another member of the Russian parliamentary delegation – Deputy Sergey Gavrilov also said that during the meeting, Assad thanked the speaker of the state Duma Sergei Naryshkin, “for his strong statement about Ukraine and Syria.” “Because he believes that in the Ukraine, and in Syria America with both hands forcing the script casting coup by extremists to power and solves two problems – the active pressure on Russia and its weakening, on the one hand, on the other – the spread of insecurity and terrorism in the Eurasian continent,” he said.

Assad is ready for early presidential elections

Yushchenko also said that Assad is ready if necessary to participate in the early presidential elections.

The Deputy added that Assad is ready to hold parliamentary elections “on the basis of all political forces who want the prosperity of Syria.” In addition, the head of ATS agree to discuss constitutional reform, and, if necessary, at the desire of the people to hold presidential elections – but only “after the victory over terrorism in Syria and the liberation of the country”.

According to Yushchenko, Assad was “absolutely confident” in the case of elections of the head of state.

“We (the delegation of the Russian Federation) expressed the position that deep constitutional reform should proceed from Damascus and not from Ankara or Washington,” he said.