Personally Mironov will head the list “Fair Russia” on elections in the state Duma

MOSCOW, October 26. The leader “Fair Russia” Sergey Mironov will head the party list on elections in the state Duma in 2016. He stated this at the meeting of the Central Council of the party.

“To create maximum receive mandates of the leaders of the regional groups find it necessary to limit the Federal list (Federal part of the Federal list – approx.) the party’s only position in the person of the Chairman of the party,” he said. The law allows you to include the Federal part of the Federal list to 10 candidates.


Elections to the state Duma of the 6th convocation were held on 4 December 2011. According to their results, United Russia received 238 mandates, the Communist party – 92, “Fair Russia” – 64 and LDPR – 56.

Elections to the state Duma of the seventh convocation will be held in 2016 at the same time with a single day of voting – September 18. For the first time in elections for the lower house of Parliament will be held according to the mixed scheme – 225 deputies elected in single-mandate constituencies, even 225 – on party lists.

Mironov added that he will also lead the list of just Russia at the elections to regional legislatures in 38 subjects.

According to the politician, at least five heads of regional branches of the party, who are now deputies of the state Duma, can take seats in the lower house as single-mandate deputies.

“List part of the Duma elections will be 40-42 Federal group, of which approximately five groups have the number of voters, which should provide us at least two mandates,” – said Mironov.

The leader of just Russia said that the majority of operating deputies of the state Duma from the party for election 2016 will run in their regions. “One such change will be those that already know personally from me,” he said.

“Fair Russia” on elections in the state Duma in 2016 should not take second places, Mironov said.

“After the elections our party should take no less than second place and significantly increase the number of deputies of fraction”, – he said at a meeting of the Central Council.

“The party has begun preparation of the 2016 campaign, which will be conducted under my direct leadership,” he added.

The third place among the parties of the Russian Federation

Mironov considers that “Fair Russia” following the results of regional and municipal elections on September 13 took the third place among all Russian parties.

“The General results of uniform day of voting and political influence of our party made a successful return to third place among all parties of Russia”, – he said.

The politician stressed that just Russia is the last before the Duma election campaign has marked a watershed.

Mironov said that in the 11 regions where elections were held legislatures, the party was held in the parliaments. The total candidates from “Fair Russia” has typed 10% of voices that is the best weighted average result of the party for three years.

The election in the 23 capitals of subjects of the party also gained representation in the city Dumas.

“All were elected 25 deputies of legislative bodies of subjects of the Russian Federation, 45 deputies of representative bodies of the regional capitals and more than 1.5 thousand of deputies of municipal level” – concluded Mironov.

The headquarters for the preparations for the elections to the state Duma

“Fair Russia” has created a staff on preparations for the Duma elections of 2016, it will be headed by the Deputy Alexander Burkov, said Sergey Mironov.

“From 1 October formed the Central campaign headquarters for the elections to the state Duma. The chief of staff appointed Alexander Burkov,” said he.

Mironov added that “to ensure overall coordination in the election campaign between regional offices, Central office and the Central election headquarters” in the headquarters of the party entered the office of the first Deputy head. This post also took Burkov.