Putin satisfied with the work of Sobyanin and requires not to reduce the momentum

MOSCOW, October 26. /Corr.TASS/. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin in General praised the work of Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin that position five years. The head of state demanded that the mayor “in the near future and further not to reduce the intensity of this hard work in the interests of Muscovites, in the interests of people who live in Moscow, love her and expect from you and your team work effectively”.

“Moscow is not just a city or even just metropolis. It is, and we often repeat this word, the heart of Russia. The way it is in all senses: economic and political heart of the country. And how are things going in Moscow, largely depends on the health of the whole Russia”, – said Putin.

He noted that “overall the numbers are good” and thanked Sobyanin for the work.

According to the President, the most complex and acute problems in Moscow are “transport, health, employment, balance the city budget, attraction of investments, development of infrastructure”. “There are many questions, but each resolution is a special value,” – said the head of state.

Sobyanin in the efficiency rating

In the rating of efficiency of governors, which is Fcsd, Sergei Sobyanin is consistently in the top ten. The only time it left the TOP 10 because of the accident in the subway in July last year.

Then on the stretch between stations “Park Pobedy” and “Slavic Boulevard” derailed three carriages of the train. The victims were 24 people, injured more than 150.

According to the head of Fcsd Konstantin Kostin, the Moscow town Governor has always demonstrated high efficiency and good rating. “Then you can call and the appreciation of the Muscovites of his work, and a fairly stable situation in the social sphere and the economy, despite relatively tangible manifestations of the crisis”, – the expert explains.

But most importantly, says Kostin that the mayor and his team know what to do, and look at the problems of the big city “with open eyes”.

The pace of development of Moscow

The mayor of Moscow believes that the pace of development of Moscow is comparable to the growth of other cities in the world. About this mayor Sergei Sobyanin said on October 16 in the framework of the Moscow urban forum.

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“We compared the rate of development of Moscow with the growth of other cities in the world. These comparisons show that the city has gained high momentum and ranks among the leaders”, – said Sobyanin. The mayor remarked that the transformation that was done in European cities for decades, we had to pass within a few years.

According to Sobyanin, the creation of a comfortable city includes a standard set of actions: “the creation of balanced urban development, creation of modern transport communications and comfortable public space.”

“Every metropolis has its own specifics, however, the needs of citizens and the notion of quality urban space are all about the same, so solutions that have proven successful in other cities, works in Moscow”, – concluded the mayor.

Dynamics of socio-economic indicators of development of Moscow