RIA Rating: Chemists became the leaders

RIA Rating: Chemists became the leaders

Rating Agency “RIA Rating” media group “Russia today” presented the Bulletin “Chemical production: trends and forecasts. The results of January-June 2015”.

MOSCOW, 26 Okt./strong>. Rating Agency “RIA Rating” media group “Russia today” presented the Bulletin “Chemical production: trends and forecasts. The results of January-June 2015”. In the analytical product, developed by experts of “RIA Rating”, presents an analysis of the General trends of the first half of 2015, assesses the factors that influenced the operation of the industry and provides forecasts up to the end of the year. According to the data obtained chemical production this year shows the best result in the industry over the past few years. In addition, the chemical industry shows the best performance among all industries in the manufacturing sector. The experts of “RIA Rating” expect growth in chemical production will be higher than in other industries.

The study of “RIA rating” noted that the substitution and devaluation of the ruble had a positive impact on the industry. The devaluation stimulated the export of Russian chemical products and import substitution led to the growth of Russian production of household chemicals and pharmaceuticals. So, the local production of pharmaceutical products increased more than 10%.

Due to launch in recent years, three major enterprises in the Omsk, Tyumen and Nizhny Novgorod regions to a record level out the production of polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride, which find application in many sectors of the economy. The resumption of the activities of city-forming enterprises in the Stavropol region after the accident last year, has regained a positive trend in the production of ethylene and polyethylene.

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