Russtroybank imposed a ban on withdrawal of deposits

In Russian construction Bank announced that the organization will be inspected by the Central Bank, addressed the issue of rehabilitation.

MOSCOW, 26 Jan. Russian construction Bank (Russtroybank) does not issue deposits, said in a call centre of the Bank.

“In the coming days,” — said the representative of the Bank, answering the question, how long should the ban on withdrawal of deposits. The Bank employee added that now is decided the further destiny of the Bank, a credit institution is a check of the Central Bank. “Now decide that it will continue with the Bank or readjustment, or something else,” said she.

Earlier on Thursday on the website Russtroybank appeal guidance to customers and partners, stating that the Bank runs a routine check of the Central Bank, and before that the FSB conducted a search. “In this situation we have taken some protective measures: it requested support from the CBR, the internal security Directorate of FSB of the Russian Federation, the court and everywhere received preliminary support,” the statement says.

According to RIA Rating, Russtroybank in terms of assets on July 1, 2015 occupied 125th place among Russian banks with assets of 38.7 billion rubles, the volume of deposits is on the 83rd place with deposits by 20.5 billion rubles.

The beneficiaries of the Bank are 10 individuals with shares less than 10% each.