The Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation in the negotiations with Kiev about flying will take into account the interests of passengers

MOSCOW, 26 Jan. The Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation in the negotiations with Ukraine on air transport will be profitable for the passengers and economic interests of the airlines, said in an interview with TV channel “Russia 1” Russian transport Minister Maxim Sokolov.

“On Friday (talks — ed.) took place in Brussels. The head of Federal air transport Agency (negotiations — ed.) with his counterpart, the head of the state aviation service of Ukraine, was also a telephone conversation with my colleague — Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine. But, unfortunately, these negotiations have not led to the restoration of direct flights between our countries. Of course, we are focused on the restoration of the status quo. In any case we will proceed from the interests of our passengers and the economic interests of airlines”, — said Sokolov.

Russia and Ukraine since October 25, has suspended direct flights, however, the past few days ago in Brussels the negotiations leaving a chance that in the future, the parties still can agree.

The Ukrainian government on September 16 imposed sanctions on Russian airlines 25, two of which have already by that time existed. In the sanctions list includes, in particular, “Aeroflot” and its three subsidiaries “Donavia”, “Orenburg airlines” and “Russia”, as well as pre-bankrupt “Transaero” the airline “Yakutia” airlines of the S7 group. They did fly charters or regular flights in the Crimea became Russian.

In response, Russia took the mirror measures in relation to Ukrainian airlines.