The Russian foreign Ministry: Lavrov discussed with Kerry the settlement in Syria with the participation of authorities and opposition

MOSCOW, October 25. The Ministers of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the USA Sergey Lavrov and John Kerry discussed the prospects for settlement in Syria with the participation of ATS authorities and Patriotic opposition during a telephone conversation. This was reported in the Russian foreign Ministry.

The conversation took place on the initiative of the American side.

“The foreign Ministers continued the discussion of the prospects for a political settlement in Syria with the participation of the authorities and the Patriotic opposition with the support of this process from the international community, including leading regional state”, – informed the Russian dipvedomstva.

Bilateral consultations

In recent days, Lavrov and Kerry support intensive contacts to resolve the crisis in Syria.

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MFA of Russia: Lavrov and Kerry discussed the challenges of initiating a political process in Syria

On 23 October in Vienna were four talks on the situation in Syria, in which, in addition to managers depodesta Russia and the United States, was also attended by their colleagues from Turkey and Saudi Arabia Feridun sinirlioğlu and Adel al-Jubayr. While this meeting was preceded by bilateral consultations Lavrov and Kerry first tete-a-tete and then with the participation of delegations. Following the results of negotiations on October 23, Kerry has called for holding a new meeting in the end of the month.

At the weekend the leaders of the Russian and American depodesta continued its discussion of a political settlement in the SAR during the telephone interviews: the first took place on Saturday. The emphasis was on the need to launch dialogue to resolve the conflict, in which the participation of the representative delegation of the Syrian Patriotic opposition.