Transaero intends to file for bankruptcy

MOSCOW, October 26. General Director of “Transaero” Dmitry Saprykin has informed on intention to address in arbitration court with the statement for bankruptcy of airline. It follows from the Uniform Federal register of information on facts of activity of legal entities.

Transaero General Director Saprykin Dmitry Petrovich, has reported his intention to apply to the arbitration court a statement of the debtor about a recognition its insolvent (bankrupt)”, – stated in the message.

The airline’s total debt is about 250 billion rubles. Among the major creditors was called Sberbank, VTB, VEB, Gazprombank and others.

On the inspection of Federal air transport Agency

In “Transaero” also has informed that the company has not yet received a request from shareholders to familiarize with act unscheduled inspections of the Federal air transport Agency, the results of which from the 26th of October was cancelled the air operator certificate of the carrier.

Some forces want to fish in troubled waters, as we say. Say – “let’s return to the situation two months ago” – but this plane will not fly and will not fly ever. Because the license expires, is canceled once and for all. It isn’t suspended, it’s been cancelled

the Minister of transport of Russia Maxim Sokolov about the license of “Transaero”

“Information relating to the act inspections, is provided to the Board of Directors and shareholders of the company in accordance with the requirements of the Federal law on joint stock companies and corporate documents of the company. Enquiries (from shareholders – approx. ed) the company had not received”, – said the representative of the press service.

The notification to the Federal air transport Agency about the revocation of the air operator certificate of airline “Transaero” received on October 21. However, as stressed in the press service of the notice does not involve the signature of the CEO.

Earlier, a source in aviation circles reported that the original findings of the inspection of Federal air transport Agency was not revocation, and suspension of operator’s certificate.

“To act on the results of inspections of Federal air transport Agency CEO (Dmitry Saprykin, appointed with the participation of “Aeroflot” – approx. ed.) was acquainted. All relevant procedures for the review of the company’s management to act on the revocation of the certificate have been met”, – noted in press service.

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The airline stopped operating

Earlier media with reference to the co-owner S7 Natalia Fileva has information that shareholders “Transaero” and to appeal against the act, signed by the General Director of “Transaero” Dmitry Saprykin on the results of unscheduled inspection of “Transaero”.

Despite the desire of the co-owner Vladislav Fileva, S7 Group to buy a controlling stake in “Transaero” Alexander Pleshakov, who is the largest shareholder of the airline, on October 26, on the basis of the inspection report the Federal air operator’s certificate “Transaero” was cancelled.

The situation with Transaero airlines

The largest private airline Transaero, according to industry experts, in recent years the market has not adequately increased its fleet and passenger numbers.

In early September the company was placed under operational control of “Aeroflot”. On 1 October the government decided on bankruptcy of the carrier. The company has stopped sale of tickets. The Federal air transport Agency on the results of the inspection of Transaero airlines, despite the desire of the co-owner Vladislav Fileva, S7 Group to buy a controlling stake in the company, decided to revoke the certificate of the operator “Transaero” since October 26. 56 international routes, the carrier agreed to transmit the group of “Aeroflot”.

In mid-October, Sberbank submitted the claim about bankruptcy “Transaero”.