USA Deutsche Bank suspected of violating anti-Russian sanctions

Moscow. October 26. U.S. authorities expand investigation of financial transactions carried out through subsidiary Deutsche Bank in Moscow, for possible violations of the Bank’s sanctions regime against Russia, the Financial Times, citing its sources.

The formal reason for checking is that these transactions were conducted in dollars and with the participation of a banker, a U.S. citizen. This is the first investigation of a possible violation of a major Bank regime of anti-Russian sanctions, the newspaper said.

The subject of interest of law enforcement authorities are the so-called mirror trading, when the Russian citizens were buying securities for rubles in Moscow Deutsche Bank, and then sold those securities with foreign currency, including US dollars, through the London office of the Bank. The volume of such trades could amount to $6 billion, and U.S. authorities were examining was not whether in this way illegal withdrawal from Russia.

Also checks were undertaken with Deutsche Bank required compliance and whether it provided adequate information to regulators.

An internal investigation by Deutsche Bank on possible money laundering in the Russian subsidiary Bank began in may.

Deutsche Bank is the largest investment Bank in Europe and one of the leading foreign financial organizations in Russia. Deutsche Bank recently decided to close in Russia the Department of investment and banking services. Division of commercial banking services, which provides services on trade Finance, cash management, working capital Finance and foreign exchange operations, will continue its activities in Russia.