“Yakutia” has delayed the departure from tel Aviv Yafo to Krasnodar from-for debts

“Yakutia” has delayed the departure from tel Aviv Yafo to Krasnodar from-for debts

The aircraft was detained by the lessor in tel Aviv, for export of passengers “Yakutia” has written to the backup aircraft. The time delay was 28 hours.

KHABAROVSK, 26 Oct. Airline “Yakutia” has completed a flight from tel Aviv Yafo to Krasnodar with a delay of more than a day due to the fact that her plane on Saturday was arrested by the lessor, according to the website of the airline.

It is noted that passengers were taken on another boat on Monday. The total delay was 28 hours.

“The aircraft of the airline “Yakutia” Boeing 737-800 VQ-BOY, serial number 28825, October 24, was unilaterally delayed by the European company-the lessor in the city of tel Aviv. For export of passengers at the airport of Israel was sent to the reserve aircraft of the airline “Yakutia”. The twenty-sixth day of October a reserve aircraft Boeing 737-800 with 114 passengers on Board departed in Krasnodar”, — informs the airline.

According to her, negotiations are underway with the European lessor Aercap.

“Airline “Yakutia”, formed today recognizing the debt owed to Aercap, coupled with the macroeconomic situation and the existing limitations in the industry, notes that the amount of debt to the lessor is comparable with the Deposit formed in accordance with the terms of the existing contract. Currently the airline “Yakutia” we are in talks with Aercap to reach an agreement for joint decision, another meeting will be held on Tuesday in Moscow”, — stated in the message.

The carrier apologized to its passengers for the inconvenience.