Aeroflot performed its first flight Moscow – Magadan instead of “Transaero”

MOSCOW, October 27. Aeroflot performed its first flight from Moscow to Magadan is stopped the flights of “Transaero”. As reported on the website of the government of the Magadan region, the aircraft were greeted at the airport Sokol Governor Vladimir Pecheny and Director of the far Eastern branch of the JSC “Aeroflot” Irina Lapitskaya.

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“Aviation is the only mode of transport that connects our remote area with the Central part of Russia, other regions of the Far East. We are grateful to the Federal air transport Agency, Aeroflot and other carriers for prompt resolution of problems that arose after the withdrawal from the market “Transaero”. Sure, that flights to Magadan will be reliable. Now our main task is to monitor the pricing of the tickets”, said Baked.

Only the first flight of “Aeroflot” delivered to Magadan 290 people, of which 123 came at the tickets of “Transaero”.

The Governor noted that in addition to “Aeroflot” on a direction Magadan – Moscow – Magadan came two more of the airline “Icarus” and “VIM-Avia”. They will also carry passengers with tickets of “Transaero”.

According to the Lapitskaya, the opening of the Shuttle line to Magadan to the strategy of “Aeroflot”, which provides for the development of transport within Russia as one of its priorities. In this direction the company will fly once a week from Sheremetyevo.

Last week Rosaviatsia revoked the air operator certificate “Transaero” since October 26. The airline carried out regular flights on a number of fronts in the city’s far Eastern Federal district, of which three direct routes (Moscow-Anadyr, Moscow-Blagoveshchensk and Moscow-Magadan) Transaero airlines was the only carrier.