General Motors is Recalling 1.4 million vehicles for oil leak

NEW YORK, October 27. American Corporation General Motors is Recalling 1.4 million of its cars due to oil leaks from the engine, which in the past was often the cause of vehicle fires, and even garages and residential buildings.

According to the representative of the company Allen Edler, whether due to the fact that past efforts to remedy this defect by an ordinary repair does not yield the desired result.

So, there were about 1.3 thousand ignitions of cars that have passed the specified repair. We are talking about the 1997 model year.

According to Adler, the Corporation will use the government registration database to locate all subject to review cars. The details of this campaign will be updated, he said. The representative of General Motors also indicated that the recall of so many vehicles could affect the Corporation’s income in the fourth quarter, although the magnitude of the consequences of this measure not defined.

“Because we have not yet decided on the remedy, we cannot say with certainty, will have associated costs on profits,” said Edler.