In the Kremlin there is no information about allegedly killed in Syria, the Russian serviceman

MOSCOW, October 27. In the Kremlin have no information about allegedly killed in Syria, the Russian serviceman.

“No, I know nothing about it. I think it needs to be clarified in the Ministry of defence”, – told reporters the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

Earlier Tuesday, in the media appeared information that in Syria killed a Russian soldier who served under the contract.

On the negotiations of representatives “Free Syrian army” in the Russian Federation

Dmitry Peskov did not comment on the fact of negotiations of the representatives of the so-called “Free Syrian army” in Russia. “I would, frankly, prefer to leave it to colleagues from the Foreign Ministry about this”, – said the press Secretary of the Russian President.

Answering the question of how the Russian President refers to the “Free Syrian army”, a Kremlin spokesman said that “it has been said repeatedly that there are certain problems with the identification of so-called “moderate opposition”.

“There is a lack of interaction with our colleagues in terms of really identifying the moderates who could help in countering terrorist and extremist organizations in Syria,” stated Sands.

About anonymous message to Assad

Dmitry Peskov refused to comment on media reports that part of the peace plan in Syria would be some guarantees from Russia in case of refusal of the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad from participation in elections.

“Anonymous sources we do not comment” because “the semantic value of these messages of anonymous sources tends to zero”, said the representative of the Kremlin.

He also confirmed that Moscow is actively working on the peace plan for Syria. “That’s right. A truly collective efforts, and welcomed the involvement of other countries”, – said Peskov. According to him, “the Russian side at all levels is making great efforts to activate the process of the Syrian settlement”.