Lenders have delayed the next tranche for Greece until November

Moscow. October 27. International lenders have delayed the next tranche of financial assistance to Greece: planned for October 2 billion euros will probably be transferred to Athens only in November, Deutsche Welle reports.

The reason is the weak implementation of the agreed with the EU and international organizations reform of the Greek economy, writes Suddeutsche Zeitung citing high-ranking European official.

In exchange for the third package of financial assistance to the amount of 86 billion euros to Greece in July 2015, has pledged to take steps to further conserve and conduct a series of rigorous structural reforms. Some time ago, the Parliament in Athens adopted a number of additional laws in this area, including increasing taxes and reducing pensions.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras intends to meet the requirements of international lenders before the end of this year to obtain funds to recapitalize troubled banks. After that, he plans to start a new discussion with European partners on debt relief.