Media: the British government knew about the “oil scandal” in 2009

LONDON, October 27. /Corr. Igor Brovarnik/. The UK government in 2009, it was informed that the exhaust emissions of diesel vehicles substantially exceed the established norms. However, this did not prevent the authorities to provide tax incentives for the purchase of millions of additional vehicles in the amount of $2.6 billion, according to the Sunday Times newspaper.

“A study commissioned by the Ministry of environmental protection, food and agriculture, held six years ago, showed that diesel cars were thrown much more than normal the amount of pollutants in the atmosphere”, – the newspaper writes. According to her information, in 2011 the Ministry received information of another study, which confirmed the existing problem, namely, not environmental compliance the exhaust gases of vehicles with diesel engines.

“What measures have been taken by former Ministers amid warnings received, when years later it became known that 11 million cars concern Volkswahen were equipped with faulty software that allows you to bypass environmental testing?”, – the newspaper notes.

According to the company Volkswagen UK, representing the interests of the German automaker in the United Kingdom, about 1.2 million Volkswagen cars in the UK does not comply with ecological standards.

Volkswagen was at the center of a scandal after the discovery in the car group software that allows you to bypass strict ecological standards of the USA. The U.S. government ordered the manufacturer to withdraw from the U.S. market 482 thousand cars of Volkswagen and Audi cars with diesel engines that were sold in the period 2009-2015. In addition, the German concern could face a fine of up to $18 billion.