Medvedev and Serbian Prime Minister will discuss in Moscow cooperation in the economy and on the world stage

MOSCOW, October 27. The Chairman of Russian government Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday will hold talks in Moscow with Prime Minister of Serbia Alexandar Vucic. “There will be discussed the issues of trade and economic cooperation, including implementation of joint projects in energy, industry, transport and agriculture”, – reported the website of the government of the Russian Federation. Following the talks, planned to sign a number of Russian – Serbian documents and the press conference.

Wednesday, October 28, Medvedev and Vucic will attend the forum and show technology “Open innovation”, where will participate in the plenary session on “Man at the crossroads of the trends of technological revolution”.

Earlier it was reported that the invitation to visit Russia, Vucic from Medvedev in April of this year gave Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Chepurin. The previous visit of the Serbian Prime Minister in Moscow took place on 7-8 July 2014.

From gas to KAMAZ: the topics of the talks will be “not ordinary”

About the detailed agenda of negotiations is not reported, however, according to E., “this is definitely not an ordinary visit, not passing, not one of many.” As he told earlier to journalists in Belgrade, the emphasis during the visit will be on economic issues. “The Serbian delegation included a number of economic Ministers. Will be directly discussed the issues that could be beneficial for both countries,” – said Chepurin.

In a press-service of the government of the Russian Federation the main purpose of the visit was “to conduct an integrated review of the status of the Russian-Serbian relations”, as well as the premiers of the two countries plan to propose the main directions of development of relations between the two countries in the future. In the government of Russia noted with satisfaction the commitment of the Serbian leadership the implementation of agreements aimed at strengthening bilateral cooperation and the promotion of major joint projects.

The level of trade between the two countries in 2014, according to the Federal customs service of Russia, reached $2.1 billion US, which is 7.6% higher than a year earlier. “This is an important indicator of the quality of the Russian-Serbian interaction even in such a difficult situation at the world markets”, – said in the Russian Cabinet. In 2015 the trend has changed, primarily because of the volatility of exchange rates and of prices of primary products, including hydrocarbons and energy. In the first eight months of the current year recorded a decrease in the volume of bilateral trade in 27,09%. According to the Ministry of economic development, at the end of 2014 in Serbia, we accumulated Russian investments worth more than $3.9 billion.

He survived on the eve of his visit, told reporters that one of the topics of the talks in Moscow will be a Russian arms supplies. “When we do the howitzer “Nora”, we need the chassis of the KAMAZ because they can carry over 35 tons, and is one of the reasons and basis for conversation with the Russians. The second is the gun 242 which we put on the dome combat vehicle “Lazar” – said the Prime Minister. Vucic recalled that Serbia has already ordered from Russia two transport helicopters. “And now we’ll have already started thinking about fighting and helicopters”, – he said.

An important place in the bilateral agenda is the issue of gas supply to Serbia and the Balkan region as a whole. “Belgrade confirms the readiness to connect to the implementation of relevant multilateral projects, – noted in the government of the Russian Federation. – Look forward to working closely with the Serbian side on this issue”.

As an example of successful cooperation between the two countries in the Cabinet of Ministers brought the project of reconstruction and further development of JSC “Serbian Oil industry”, the main shareholder and investor of which is OAO “Gazprom Neft”. “From unprofitable and depressing company JSC “NIS” within just a few years took up a position as a regional leader in its industry, – stated in the press service of the government of the Russian Federation. – Now JSC “NIS” at the expense of taxes and fees provides up to 15% of a profitable part of the Serbian budget.”

Also a great contribution to the revival of the economy of Serbia makes the project of reconstruction and modernization of Serbian Railways with the participation of JSC “RZD international” in the bill approved in 2013 the Russian export loan in the amount of $800 million. “speaking of translation “in a modern track” major rail routes of the country, connecting Belgrade with EU countries and the Adriatic coast, providing transit traffic”, – explained in the government of the Russian Federation.

In addition, in terms of the migration crisis reiterated its demand for Russian-Serbian humanitarian centre in Niš, who assisted in equipping transfer stations. The centre of the Serbian side received in the use of 11 units of modern fire equipment for a total of $9 million.

The application is not an obstacle: the desire of the EU should not alienate Belgrade from Moscow

The important place at negotiations will be given to international topics. “The sides will discuss key international issues that directly affect the interests of both Serbia and Russia”, – said Chepurin.

The press service of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation noted that Russia and Serbia are cooperating in the international arena. “In Moscow are sensitive to what the strategic aspiration of Belgrade is membership in the European Union. It is very important that the Serbian leadership does not consider the application to join the EU as an obstacle to further strengthening of cooperation with Russia, the coordination of our approaches to the topical issues of global and European agendas”, – underlined in the message of the government of the Russian Federation. There was reminded that Serbia has not joined anti-Russian measures of the European Union, “based primarily on their national interests.” “We believe that the ongoing rapprochement with Belgrade, the EU would not harm Russian-Serbian cooperation”, – stated in the message of the Russian government.

It also noted “a responsible and balanced course of Belgrade, balanced position on the Ukrainian settlement,” in light of the Serbian chairmanship in the OSCE in the current year.

Another aspect of the international agenda – the maintenance of peace and stability in the Balkan region, especially in the framework of Kosovo settlement. “Russia has consistently supported Serbia in defending its sovereignty and territorial integrity in relation to Kosovo based on international law,” reminded the Russian government.

The Cabinet added that “events of a memorial nature, marking the 70th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war, the presence of Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic in Moscow at the celebrations of 9 may, the participation of the Serb units in the Parade on red square has cemented the unity of the approaches of Russia and Serbia to a common historical heritage, counteraction to attempts of revision of history, primarily the outcome of world war II”.