More than 20 companies from the Russian Federation participate in an industrial fair in Tashkent

More than 20 companies from the Russian Federation participate in an industrial fair in Tashkent

This fair will be visited by not only companies traditionally have links with partners in Uzbekistan, but also companies from regiono those who are just discovering the Uzbek market.

TASHKENT, 27 Oct. Business mission consisting of 22 companies from 10 regions of Russia came to participate in the IX international industrial fair and cooperation exchange, which opened on Monday in the capital of Uzbekistan.

The visit was organized with the participation and support of the Ministry of economic development of Russia, JSC “Russian Agency for insurance of export credit and investment” (EXIAR) and the chamber of Commerce of Uzbekistan.

“It is important that Uzbekistan is visited not only companies traditionally have links with local partners, but also from those regions that are beginning to discover the Uzbek market,” said Tuesday Russian Ambassador to Uzbekistan Vladimir Tyurdenev on the opening of the Russian-Uzbek business forum at the fair.

The diplomat noted that, despite the fall in the value of the parameters of mutual trade due to the unfavorable situation on the world markets, “their physical volumes are not reduced”. According to the trade mission of the Russian Federation in Uzbekistan in 2015, the Republic plans to visit 19 business missions of Russian companies, of which 15 have already held talks with the Uzbek partners.

“We receive regular requests from Russian companies to support their exports to Uzbekistan”, — said during the forum, managing Director for client work ASKAR Nikita Gusakov. According to ASKAR, since June 2013, when the Agency first entered the market of Uzbekistan, were supported by export contracts for Russian companies worth more than $ 200 million, and “in the moment in the study are the projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars”. In the structure of transactions leading place continue to take food (33%), rolled ferrous and non-ferrous metals (20%) and chemical products (15%).

In the framework of the business mission of Russian enterprises also planned to conduct specialized cluster of activities and round tables with the participation of interested Russian and Uzbek companies, where the parties intend to discuss practical issues of cooperation.